I’m Thankful that I never have to watch St. Vincent again…

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always as thankful as I should be. Life happens, the world turns, and I’m always right there in the middle of all of it trying to pull it into some kind of order. My Type A personality is great for getting things done…but not so much for stepping back, indulging on introspection, and remembering what I’m thankful for. So I’ve strapped my butt in my chair and removed all mental and physical objects that might remind me of the dozens of tasks I still need to get done today…and I’m going to take the time to smell the turkey…erm…or something like that.  So, here goes:

I’m thankful that…

My loved ones, flesh and fur, are healthy and happy.

My computer still works, my car still runs, and my physical form remains in working order.

I never have to relive this year’s crop of bad and truly horrifying movies. Gah, Hollywood…just gah!

I discovered the A Cappella group, Pentatonix.

There’s another season of Walking Dead. Whoop, whoop!

I was able to keep my fingers firmly in my ears through all discussion of how gluten, and all my favorite things which contain the stuff, is bad…erm…lalalalalalala.

Christmas is still a month away.

I have no full length mirrors in my house.

The people who’ve read my books haven’t sued me for wasting their time.

I have a blog so I can expose the world to the drivel that is my mind.

That’s all I’ve got right now. Aren’t you glad? hehehe Happy Thanksgiving everybody! May your day be filled with lots of yummy stuff and a soft couch to catch you when you pass out from overeating!


Declan Sands writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms.  Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Declan is the award-winning author of 50+ books and has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.






Monday Musings – The World Sleeps…or Rather Hides

I hate Thanksgiving week.

That’s a strong statement I know, but it’s true. Trying to get anything accomplished during Thanksgiving week is an exercise in sheer frustration. Electricians won’t call you back, plumbers shun you, and clients duck you like you carry the bubonic plague.  I understand that people don’t want to work on Thanksgiving or the day after. I get that. But nobody will work the other three days either. Even people who are working aren’t working.  They might be on the clock, but they’re ducking my ass…big time. It’s like they’re afraid if they talk to me I’ll somehow force them to work on Thanksgiving…


No, I can’t do that. Dangit! If I had even one tenth of the magical powers my characters have, I tell ya…

But rest assured, there is one group of people who’re working this week. It’s the hardest working group I know. This group works nights, mornings, weekends, holidays. They give up sleep to work. They sacrifice family time and vacations. I’ve had no trouble communicating with my fellow authors this week. Yeah, we’re all still working while the rest of the world huddles in their desk chairs, ignoring the phone and trying to disappear while they drool on their keyboards dreaming of turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes with those cute little marshmallows, soft, sweet rolls…gulp…and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. 

Blink. What was I saying?

Oh yeah, so let this be a warning to you. Writers will one day take over the world. That’s right. 

Be afraid. Be very afraid!