WIP Wednesday – Discordant Lights – Book 2 City of Lights



When Chaos rules, only the fiercest love survives.

Bright City is growing increasingly discordant. Something dark and treacherous is stalking Rabb and Brant, creating havoc in both of their worlds. The Vampire Council is putting pressure on Brant to become an elder, using Rabb as bait to force him to comply. All the while, Rabb battles deadly fractures in pack alliances and fights his own personal vampire skirmish.

Will the packs fight an internal war to replace Rabb? Will the vampires force Brant to choose sides? War is on the horizon, and it might not only ravage the supes in Bright City, but also devastate the human population living ignorant and helpless among them.


Rice held his gaze for a long moment. Rabb’s skin tingled and then the vampire was suddenly standing too close. Rabb sprouted claws and struck, but Rice caught his partially shifted hand and stepped closer, pressing himself full length against Rabb as something cold and foreign danced across Rabb’s mind.

His limbs locked, lost feeling, as Rice wrapped impossibly strong fingers around Rabb’s throat and leaned in. His lips touched the corner of Rabb’s mouth, his tongue snaking out to taste him there. “You don’t understand what you’re up against delicious canine. These are elders…thousands of years old…and they want you dead. I want to help you stay alive.”

Rabb growled, twitching helplessly against the invasive touch. Though he longed to rip the vamp into pieces, he couldn’t move his arms or legs. “Why am I supposed to believe you care?”

Rice’s lips spread in a slow smile. “Because there will be something in it for me.”

The vampire tucked his hips, pressing a hard ridge of flesh against Rabb as he ran his tongue along Rabb’s jawline.

His wolf roared in his head, writhing against the constraints that held them both rooted to the spot. “What’s in it for you to help me?”

Becklan Rice chuckled, the sound like icy water running down Rabb’s spine. “You, pretty puppy dog. I want you. And if you agree to become my lover, I’ll not only save your life, but I’ll also make sure Mr. Samuel Smythe doesn’t kill the embattled Mayor as well.” He smiled as Rabb’s pulse picked up, moaning with pleasure. “You’d like that, yes?”

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Tuesday Taste – Number 5 Fallic Circle: Apartment 3C: Darrell and Bob

Fallic Circle 1_cvrEnjoy this fun taste of one of my 2014 releases! Apartment 3C: Darrell and Bob – June 2014

Love means never having to say I killed you by mistake!

Residents of a gay apartment complex struggle to find love and harmony in a chaotic environment. Book 1 focuses on Darrell and Bob, residents of Apartment 3C.


“Honey, I’m home.”

Darrell quickly spit toothpaste into the sink and dried his mouth. “Coming.” He grinned as he headed toward the bedroom door. Bob was gonna be so pleased. He pumped his already-hard dick a few times as he walked toward the door and stopped, leaning against the frame.

Bob settled his keys into the dish on the table by the door and scrubbed a hand over his face. Poor baby, Darrel thought. He worked so hard. It was time he had some fun. “Hi, lover.”

Bob’s head came around and a tired smile spread on his face until he spotted Darrell, buck naked, his steely erection wrapped in Bob’s favorite treat. “I made snacks.”

“Is that prosciutto wrapped around your dick?”

Darrel couldn’t help noticing that Bob was less than enthusiastic. “It is. I thought you might be hungry.” Was it Darrel’s imagination or did Bob look like he wanted to cry? Poor dear was just so touched.

“Yummy. Let me just get a shower first, okay?”

Darrell felt his smile droop. “Oh. Sure. You want a beer?”

“No. Just a shower.” Bob moved past him, avoiding his gaze as he hurried toward the bathroom. Darrell frowned, watching the other man start to pull off his clothes. Something was wrong. Darrell had been feeling it for weeks. They’d been so happy together, their lives busy and satisfying and their sex life amazing. And then, one day Bob had come home early from work, depressed and angry, and he’d been cool toward Darrell ever since.

Darrell was really starting to get worried. What if Bob was seeing someone else? Terror wrapped cold fingers around his heart and spurred him to movement. Before he knew what he was doing, Darrell was grabbing Bob around the slim waist and pulling him into a kiss. Bob’s lips were hot, his taste salty, and his breath… Darrell broke the kiss. “You’ve been drinking.”

Bob’s pretty blue eyes shifted away and he reached to turn the shower on. “I stopped for a drink after work. Just one.”

Darrell tried not to panic. He tried not to jump to conclusions. But there was more than beer on Bob’s tongue. Much more. He snapped his lips closed and nodded, watching Bob climb into the shower and stand under the hot water, head down and eyes closed. His hands were clenched at his sides.

Desperate for something to talk about that wasn’t an accusation of infidelity, Darrell leaned against the vanity and pulled a piece of ham off his dick, nibbling it nervously. He’d always eaten too much when he was nervous or upset. He’d been a veritable blimp after his last break up. “So I met our new neighbor today.”

Bob dropped the bar of soap he’d been rubbing over his adorable brown nipples. He bent to pick it up before responding. “Oh?”

“Yeah. If you can believe it he was naked in the hallway, with this enormous chubby.”

Bob’s mouth came open and he scrubbed water off his face. “Seriously?”

Darrell laughed, lifting a hand. “Scout’s honor.”

Bob snorted. “You were never a boy scout, Dare.”

“Okay, juvenile delinquent’s honor then.”

“What the hell was he doing naked in the hallway?”

“I don’t have any idea. But Klein was there and he was fixing the guy’s shower.” Darrell let his eyebrows dance.

Bob snorted again. “Yeah. Right.” He turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. Darrell handed him a towel. “Thanks. So… I guess Klein is on the roster of the house team?”

“It certainly looks that way. Who would have guessed? Third string though. He must be offering the guy a break in the rent or something.”

Bob shook his head. “It’s the only explanation. Otherwise, what would a young, good-looking guy want with Klein.”

Darrell’s smile fell. “Oh. Did I tell you Stud was good-looking?”

Bob stopped in the middle of drying off and looked at Darrell, something unhappy skittering through his gaze. “You must have, babe. Otherwise how would I know?”

“Right. Yeah.” Darrell laughed. “Of course.”

Bob stepped closer, running a finger over one of Darrell’s nipples. When Darrell shivered with pleasure, the finger started south, taking a tantalizing trail over Darrell’s slightly rounded belly, toward the dancing hard-on between them. The finger stopped and Bob looked up, humor flickering through his gaze. “Where’s my snack?”

Darrell glanced down. All the ham was gone. “Oh, whoops. I guess I nibbled while you showered.”

Bob grabbed his hand, pulling him toward the bed. “You can make it up to me later. Right now, I don’t think I need the snack. I’ve got something even better to taste.”

And just like that, Darrell’s world righted itself. At least for the moment.

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My Sexy Saturday – SIZZLED!

SizzledCoverFinalIntergalactic intrigue, sizzling sexual tension, and a giant snake shifter to be vanquished. Things are never dull.

Enjoying much-deserved R&R on the black sand beaches of the ruling Authority’s planet Enitrus, Cliff Blood is not happy when his brother Matt and his lover Rum show up to spoil his vacay with bad news. It seems Brand Lotus, evil snake-villain with a plan to take over Earth by force, has been discovered heading back to Earth and he’s targeting the Bloods’ favorite cops.

Problem is, the Blood boys aren’t going to make it back to Earth before Lotus gets there, so Littlejohn and Petra have to fend for themselves, while negotiating a new development in their relationship that already has them slightly off-balance.


A low growl was all the warning she got.

He grabbed her wrist and yanked her around, pulling her against his long, hard body with a firm but gentle tug. She gasped as her breasts smacked up against his chest and looked up, feeling the first thin ribbon of fear as his growl deepened, finally turning to words. “You know damn well that was a hell of a lot more than a simple kiss, Pet.”

She swallowed, licking her suddenly dry lips. “What was it then? Tell me, Littlejohn.”

His gaze devoured her face, his hips arching to press a monumental hard-on into her belly. He lifted a hand to skim super-heated fingers over her bottom lip, tugging it down as his gaze locked on, his chest still rumbling under a growl. “It was life-changing. It was…” he lowered his head until his breath fanned her face with sweet heat. “It was terrifying and addictive.” His lips touched hers, lightly, oh-so-lightly, but the impact of that feathery touch slammed through her, turning her muscles to jelly.

Littlejohn tightened his arm around her waist when her knees gave out, holding her against his delicious length. “And I never wanted it to stop.” He lowered his lips to hers and groaned as she lifted her arms, twining them around his neck and giving herself over completely to the kiss.

Awareness blasted through her. His taste, his scent, the feel of his smooth, iron muscles under her splayed fingers, it all combined to overwhelm her senses and send her spiraling into ravenous need. Her sexual core tightened, pulsing hungrily, and her mind shut down as his hand slipped from her waist to encompass her ass, pulling her even more tightly against the long, thick ridge of flesh beneath the flimsy boxers.

Petra thought she might combust. Heat flared through her, firing her skin and making her pussy throb from the rush of blood. She wrapped her legs around his waist and let him hold her off the ground as she tilted her head and deepened the kiss, her tongue sliding hungrily against his and her hands painting his skin in bold strokes.

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Hump Day Humps – SIZZLED!

SizzledCoverFinalWarning! SIZZLING M/M Excerpt!

Heat pounded down onto the black sand, radiating up to put a sexy sheen over Falen’s golden skin. The vibrant ball of light in the sky painted golden highlights in the Marshal’s wavy, auburn hair and brought out a sexy spray of freckles on his skin. Cliff’s fingertips nearly sizzled from the heat his lover was putting off as he rubbed him down. Despite his relaxed posture, Falen’s muscles quivered under Cliff’s hands, taut with expectation. His big hands clutched the edges of his over-sized towel, his toes dug into the dense, heated sand.

Cliff skimmed his palm down Falen’s long, lean back, sliding it over the golden mounds of his lover’s perfect, naked buttocks. Falen sucked in a breath as Cliff’s fingers slipped into the delicious valley between them. The towel tore under his grip.

Cliff smiled, his hand sliding even deeper, to cup the warm sac between Falen’s legs.

The Marshal widened his legs, giving Cliff room to play. Cliff moved between those strong legs, his hands skimming out of the inviting crack to glide across muscular thighs.

“You’re killin’ me, Blood.”

Cliff’s chuckle was husky with prolonged need. “I’m killing myself.” He reached down to stroke his rock-hard dick, groaning softly at the delicious wave of pleasure that spun through him.

Falen stirred, lifting his head to grin over his shoulder. “I can help you with that.” He lifted to his knees and spread his legs farther, exposing the rock-hard heft of his big cock hanging between them. Cliff took a deep breath, grabbing the sunscreen from the sand and coating his fingertips with it. He slathered the enticing pucker Falen had opened to him with the sweet-smelling lotion and slipped a finger deep.

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Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Welcome to the NEXT BIG THING Blog Hop.

What is a blog hop? Basically, it’s a way for readers to discover authors who are new to them. I hope you’ll find new-to-you authors whose works you enjoy. On this stop on the blog hop, you’ll find a bit of information on me and one of my books and links to five other authors you can explore!

Book 3: Hoale Construction Mysteries

Book 3: Hoale Construction Mysteries

Bringing Bobby’s Gym into the twenty-first century should have been fun. But the dead guy draped over the weight machine definitely took the joy out of it!

The Hoale Construction gang has taken on the task of bringing Bobby’s gym into the twenty-first century. But the dead guy hanging from the new lat machine is putting a serious crimp in their timeline. When Bobby becomes the number one suspect for the murder, Adam and the gang are forced to try and clear him. But who is the guy? And was Bobby really the last one to see him alive? Questions only seem to multiply the deeper they dig. Until they uncover a connection with a group of thugs who call themselves the Indiana Mobsters. Things just continue to spiral downward from there.

Links to other books in the series:
A Hoale Lot of Trouble
Hoaley Ill-Manored 

My gratitude to fellow author, Sam Cheever, for inviting me to participate in this event. You can click the following links to learn more about Sam and her books:

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Blog

In this blog hop, my fellow authors and I, in our respective blogs, have answered ten questions about our current book or work-in-progress (giving you a sneak peek). We’ve also included some behind-the-scenes information about how and why we write what we write–the characters, inspirations, plotting and other choices we make. I hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and questions. Here is my Next Big Thing!

1: What is the working title of your book?

The title is Hoaley Inexplicable, based on the main character whose name is Adam Hoale.

2: Where did the idea come from for the book?

I LOVE M/M Romantic Suspense/Mystery. So when I was looking to do a series in this genre I came up with the idea of doing it around a gay construction company owner who rehabs and flips houses/businesses for a living. His crew is mostly gay, which makes the storylines even more fun as they maneuver through the challenges of just being them as well as the challenge of solving mysteries and staying safe.

3: What genre does your book come under?

The books are M/M and fall into the area of cozy mysteries with sex. #:0) They could also be considered romantic suspense because there’s a lot of action in them to keep my characters on their toes.

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Jason Bateman, who I think is adorable, would be great as Adam. I’d like to see Josh Duhamel play the role of Dirk.

5: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Bringing Bobby’s Gym into the twenty-first century should have been fun. But the dead guy draped over the weight machine definitely took the joy out of it!

6: Is your book self-published, published by an independent publisher, or represented by an agency?

I actually published this series under my own imprint, Electric Prose Publications.

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The Hoale Mysteries are all right around 50k so they take me about six weeks to write and polish.

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

One of my favorite authors in this genre is Josh Lanyon. I would compare the books in this series to Josh’s Adrien English books. I think Josh and I have similar writing styles and, like the Adrien English series, this series is based on an often funny and sometimes heartbreaking relationship between the main character, Adam, who is confident in his homosexuality, and his on again/off again relationship with a sexy man who isn’t always so confident.

9: Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Some really great romantic suspense books in the M/M genre inspired me to try my hand at a series of my own. As I mentioned above I read a lot of Josh Lanyon’s books in the same genre. I also love L.B. Gregg’s books in this genre.

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Like the first two books in the series, Hoaley Inexplicable is rife with fun and quirky secondary characters to make the plight of the two main characters even more interesting. The straight man in the group is Detective Craig Clandestine (CC), a strictly by the book cop who just can’t wrap his mind around Adam’s unique way of doing things. Adam’s business partner, Maddy is a lesbian and a firecracker, who keeps Adam and the boys in line as best she can. The flamboyant Mink is a realtor with a large presence and a big heart. And then there’s Walter…Adam’s ungainly and phobia-riddled pooch… Walter can’t poop if anybody’s watching, has to sit in one spot, facing in one direction when riding in the car, and has a very large nose for trouble of the killer or rodent variety. Working together they make a pretty impressive (and entertaining) team!

The wonderful Mychael Black will be joining me virtually, via blog, next Wednesday. Please be sure to bookmark Mychael’s site, and add it to your calendars for updates on Mychael’s upcoming books! Happy Writing and Reading!

Mychael Black: http://www.mychaelblackbooks.com/