Monday Musings – How about that Female/Female?

Is F/F romance the next big thing? There are definitely signs that it’s growing in popularity. More and more authors are writing F/F and publishers are increasingly asking for submissions of this Romance sub-genre. I think I understand why women are attracted to M/M romance. It’s a progression of sorts. Waaaay back in the day sweet romance was risque. Then romance was a little less sweet. Then along came erotic fiction. Then BDSM and gay fiction. Let’s face it, many of us like delving into areas that are slightly taboo in our reading. It’s a safe way to buck the system and tickle our fancies. So it makes perfect sense that, after accepting and finding such wonderful value in M/M fiction, women would turn to F/F to explore that action. #:0) I’m guessing many women will enjoy this type of fiction too. Although you don’t get the same complete mental escape you would while reading about two men finding love together, I believe readers will find female romance intriguing.

I do believe female romance will become a larger part of the Romance market in the near future. It makes perfect sense. And besides, there is a side benefit…this type of fiction would most likely bring a LOT more male readers into the romance genre. I’m just sayin’…