WIP Wednesday – Discordant Lights – Book 2 City of Lights



When Chaos rules, only the fiercest love survives.

Bright City is growing increasingly discordant. Something dark and treacherous is stalking Rabb and Brant, creating havoc in both of their worlds. The Vampire Council is putting pressure on Brant to become an elder, using Rabb as bait to force him to comply. All the while, Rabb battles deadly fractures in pack alliances and fights his own personal vampire skirmish.

Will the packs fight an internal war to replace Rabb? Will the vampires force Brant to choose sides? War is on the horizon, and it might not only ravage the supes in Bright City, but also devastate the human population living ignorant and helpless among them.


Rice held his gaze for a long moment. Rabb’s skin tingled and then the vampire was suddenly standing too close. Rabb sprouted claws and struck, but Rice caught his partially shifted hand and stepped closer, pressing himself full length against Rabb as something cold and foreign danced across Rabb’s mind.

His limbs locked, lost feeling, as Rice wrapped impossibly strong fingers around Rabb’s throat and leaned in. His lips touched the corner of Rabb’s mouth, his tongue snaking out to taste him there. “You don’t understand what you’re up against delicious canine. These are elders…thousands of years old…and they want you dead. I want to help you stay alive.”

Rabb growled, twitching helplessly against the invasive touch. Though he longed to rip the vamp into pieces, he couldn’t move his arms or legs. “Why am I supposed to believe you care?”

Rice’s lips spread in a slow smile. “Because there will be something in it for me.”

The vampire tucked his hips, pressing a hard ridge of flesh against Rabb as he ran his tongue along Rabb’s jawline.

His wolf roared in his head, writhing against the constraints that held them both rooted to the spot. “What’s in it for you to help me?”

Becklan Rice chuckled, the sound like icy water running down Rabb’s spine. “You, pretty puppy dog. I want you. And if you agree to become my lover, I’ll not only save your life, but I’ll also make sure Mr. Samuel Smythe doesn’t kill the embattled Mayor as well.” He smiled as Rabb’s pulse picked up, moaning with pleasure. “You’d like that, yes?”

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