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Monday Musings – The 100

Holy mother of flipping God! Have any of you been watching The 100, post apocalyptic adventure series?  I found the show when I was looking for apocalyptic series fare because I LOVE end of the world stories. Then my ADD kicked in and I promptly forgot about The 100 until my oldest daughter told me I had to start watching it. I have to tell you, I haven’t been so riveted (sweaty palms and all) to a show since the early seasons of 24. This series is amazing. The characters are fleshed out and real and the plot lines are terrifyingly fun. The villains are so delightfully villainous that you would happily pinch their heads off given half the chance. The heroes are multi-faceted. Everybody is flawed but most have so much strength of character you can’t help rooting for them and when they get gacked (yes…unfortunately a few of them do…sigh) you feel as if you’ve lost one of your own children. Yes, the action is sometimes slightly implausible, but the show is so good that I’ve been willing, so far, to overlook the silliness in favor of cheering for the outcome.

I highly recommend this series and I hope it goes on for a very long time. Oh, and that the writers don’t get stupid around season 3 or 4 like they usually do and start killing off all the characters or go off in some really strange direction. Unless and until that happens, I’ll be a loyal viewer. I haven’t had this much fun watching TV for years. And I’m loving every minute of it!


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