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Monday Musings – When Did I Lose Control?

No really, when did this happen? HOW did it happen?

From my perhaps jaundiced perspective, I had complete control over everything when I was in my teens.  I was immortal. I knew everything.  And everybody around me was stupid.

In my twenties I was all that and more. I was beautiful in my twenties. Smart and talented. I had the world by the tail and liked to give it a little tug every once in a while.

In my thirties I was too busy to think much about my wonderfulness, but I was still pretty secure in it. If someone asked me about something I knew the answer…even if I didn’t, erm, know the answer.

By my forties I had achieved the pinnacle of wiseness. I still looked pretty good for my age, was of course smarter than everybody else, and rocked the world in my chosen activities. I was still a goddess, though a slightly careworn one.

Then the fifties hit. I started out okay. But somewhere along the way everything just tanked. I became stupid. I had no control over anything. And…god help me…I’m no longer a goddess.

How the hell did this happen? I demand answers!

I want a redo.

Wait…oh hell no. No redos. I don’t think I could ever fool myself so completely for so long again. #:0)

Enjoy the day!


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