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Monday Musings – Name the Movie of Your Life

I was asked in a recent interview what the title for the movie of my life would be. I responded, only partly in jest, that my life story would be entitled The Storm Cometh.

It’s true, I pretty much have my own black cloud. It keeps me company wherever I go, flinging lightning bolts and rain down on my head whenever I even think about feeling content. But that’s okay, I told the interviewer, adversity builds character and everybody who knows me knows I’m a hell of a character. #:0)

The interesting thing is that, in the big things I’m very lucky. I have people whom I love and who love me, I’m healthy, and I live a comfortable, interesting life. Most importantly, I’m a writer so I get to do what I love most for a living!

It’s just the small things, the dribs and drabs of everyday existence that tend to hit me in the face like a shaving cream pie. Win a prize? Not a chance. I go to one conference every year with a writer friend of mine. Competing against hundreds of people at this conference, she repeatedly wins multiple raffle baskets. Every year. And she doesn’t have a lot of money so she drops a limited number of tickets. She’s very lucky like that. I could be in a pot with one other person and have dropped four times more tickets and still lose. That’s me. If I order something, it’s pretty much a guarantee it will be defective when I get it. I’ve planned a picnic? You might want to take an umbrella when you leave the house that day. Diets make me fat. Bargains nearly break my bank. The book that should have taken the reading world by storm…HATED…by one and all.

So, have these little setbacks…these constant nose flicks made me a stronger person? Maybe. Or maybe they’ve just improved my sense of humor. Who knows? If that’s the only outcome I’ll take it. Laughter is the greatest gift of all.

Even if it usually gives me hiccups.



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