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Monday Musings – Help! The World is Upside Down!

It happened gradually. Incrementally. But somewhere along the line the world became a far different place than the one I grew up in. I’m not talking about technology, although that’s certainly changed for the better. I mean, grocery  shopping was a LOT harder when my list was chiseled on stone. #:0) I’m not even talking geographically, though the world is on fire beyond our borders, with changing boundaries and falling governments. It’s all very unsettling.

I’m talking about the culture. It’s changing. From my perspective not in a good way. People are no longer polite or even kind. We’re completely insensitive in some ways and uber-sensitive in others. The things we once considered right are now viewed as wrong…and vice versa. But the worst part? Over the last several years we’ve divided ourselves into groups, each one competing with and deploring the other. Rich vs poor; black vs white vs  brown; male vs female; conservative vs liberal; fat vs skinny; Christian vs Muslim vs Jewish. The ways we divide ourselves are endless. It’s not good. Nothing good ever came from division.  We’ll never survive if we don’t stop pulling ourselves apart into factions. We need to pull together, address the decay that rots us by the roots, and learn to love each others’ differences again.

If we all work together, we can turn the world right side up again.



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