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Friday Flash – Crowded Cell

You’re in jail for indulging in public sex. What happens next is…well…let’s see:

“What are you doing in my cell?”

The cop shrugged, stretching his long legs to frame mine. “You seemed like a guy who liked…company.”

My eyes widened. “Sorry. I was looking forward to some alone time to consider my sins.”

The cop snorted. “Yeah. I could tell when you were ridin’ that guy in the elevator that you were the religious sort.”

I pressed my hands together, fixing him with a pious gaze. “I’ll find heaven my way and you can find it yours.”

He leaned forward and nibbled my pinkies. “You know any good hymns?”

I frowned, my mind going kind of wonky as he licked his way along the sides of my hands. “Um…maybe. Why?”

The cute cop yanked me closer, until I was straddling his legs. “ ‘Cause you’re about to enter a holy place. And I wanted to make sure you were properly prepared.”

I sucked in a breath as he unzipped his pants and showed me the steeple.



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