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Monday Musings – How do You Address a Crisis?

This winter has been hard on everybody. In my little neck of the woods we’ve been hit with massive amounts of snow and ice, power outages, and broken water pipes. We have a really big hill on our driveway so ice and snow are a problem, making it difficult to get in and out of our property. We’ve spent a lot of time walking up and down that hill this winter, spreading salt so we could use the drive without sliding down hill.

It’s been a challenge.

Then we went right from winter to spring, temporarily, and a huge thunder storm came through, knocking out our power for 12 hours. Yeah, I’m giving Mama Nature the middle finger salute right now.

What a bitch.

So when we got a call from the water company the other day, telling us that our water usage had spiked and that we most likely had a leak somewhere, we were thrilled.

What else could go wrong?

Wait, scratch that! I didn’t say that. No I did not! You’re hearing things.

Anywho… We’ve had some challenges this winter, for sure. But have they been show stoppers? Or just breaks in the action? I guess the answer depends on how you handle them. Any one of them could be a major problem, dragging on for weeks and causing no end of angst. Or it could be a minor hitch, quickly fixed and easily put in the rear view mirror.

In my house, we’re the type of people who look a problem in the eyes and dare it to take us down. We might cringe at first, maybe even do a little “woe is me” shtick, but then we close down the pity party and look for solutions. By contrast, people like our neighbors will go for days, even weeks without solving the problem. They’re currently on about day 10 without water, and no end in sight. They greet each new day hobbled by the effects of their inaction but still seem unable to address the crippling issue.

I’m just not built that way.  To me, a problem is just a solution in disguise. It’s like a game of Clue, wherein my search for the murderer ends not only in his discovery and arrest, but also in the knowledge of how it was done that I can file away for later use.

Every challenge becomes a learning experience. Each success increases my determination not to be defeated in the future.

So bring on the challenges. Don’t expect me to thank you for them. #:0) But in the end I’ll be glad for the chance to beat them back. Because it makes me stronger as a person…keeps me growing. And isn’t that what life is all about?




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