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The Walking Heart Attack

Good god! I’m a little behind the rest of the viewing public and I’m just watching Season 3 of The Walking Dead.

I might not survive it.

Glenn and Maggie are two of my favorite characters. Of course. They’re wonderful and so cute together. But now they’re captured and being tortured. My palms are sweaty. My pulse is pounding around my ears. I’m just telling you right now they’d better survive.

They’d better!

And now the rest of the crew is at the barricades, zombies all around them in the dark, anticipating fighting off a bunch of crazy men and breaching the town to save them. And my tortured mind is filling with questions.

Who’s going to die next? Will Merle and Daryl have a heartwarming reunion? Will Merle choose Daryl over the Governor?  Will Daryl be able to kill his big brother if it comes down to that? Will Andrea get a flipping brain?

Deep breaths.

I might not survive.

I. Just. Might. Die.

Well, at least then my question will be answered. Who will die next? ME!!!!


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