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Brrrrr! Is It Over Yet?

winter WINTER! It’s cold. It’s disruptive. It’s expensive. Getting anywhere these days…between the brutal wind, the ice, and the seemingly unending snow…is hard and slow. This winter is challenging even those of us who love snow and colder temps. Today, the temperature is expected to get to 9 degrees. I realize it could be worse, but I’m thinking that’s bad enough. #:0) So am I just whining? Nope. Well maybe a little. But it might surprise you to hear that…I’m actually loving it.

Yeah, I did fall off the road yesterday in my car and it took 2 hours to get pulled out. Our driveway is nearly impassable half the time. And our dogs would much rather pee in the house than go out there and freeze their noogies off.

But none of that really matters. During times like this, I have a built in excuse not to leave the house. My little cabin in the woods is cozy. It’s warm. I can build a fire and cuddle with the dogs. Read a great book or watch TV. Everything and everyone I love is here…or an easy phone or text away. Soup tastes better in this weather, coffee is hotter, and I have unending hours to sit before my computer and create.

Life is flippin’ beautiful!

Happy Reading Everybody!


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