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Blood-Hound is Nominated for LRC Best Series 2013

Thanks so much to Love Romances Cafe for nominating my Blood-Hound Paranormal series for Best Series 2013! Voting starts on 1/20 if you’d like to give the series a thumbs up.

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Bounty Hunter Matthew Blood always gets his man. Even when that man’s a fairy.

Bounty Hunter Matthew Blood is a bloodhound shifter. Tracking things comes very naturally to him. Hunting a skip who’s out on bail for trafficking in drugs, he watches the skip get blasted out of a fourth floor window. When Matt goes after the only other person in the vicinity, he gets taken down in a flash of light. Later, he learns that the fairy who blasted him hadn’t so much murdered his skip as accidently dropped him out of a window trying to escape the man’s attempts to strip him of his fairy dust.

Turns out there’s a fairy dust ring afoot and Matt may be the only one who can help the sexy fairy close it down. Working with a unique posse, including someone from Matt’s home planet, Eninac, the two men go after the ring, discovering a fiery mutual attraction in the process.

4.5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs Reviews: “Declan Sands has created an exciting, as well as very enjoyable romantic suspense. I am looking forward to the next episode.”

4.5 Stars and a Sizzling rating at SensualReads.com: “Mystery and humor, passion and heat all combine to make Blood Hound 1: Dusted by talented Declan Sands a captivating read that leaves us all panting for more.”

4 stars from Manic Readers: “What do you get when you mix an off planet shifter, a sexy fairy and a dead drug dealer…fairy-smacked! A fun, sexy, well-written novella and I for one can’t wait to see where this series goes next.”

Love Romances and More: “I absolutely adored this book. It was funny, smoldering hot and kept me on the edge of my seat as I flipped the pages, hoping Rum and Matthew would be able to find the missing fairies. Declan Sands is a talented storyteller who packs a lot in this story but also doesn’t overkill with lots of telling instead of showing. The story flows smoothly, the simmering sexual tension between Matthew and Rum is quite hot and some of the phrases, such as fairy smacked, left me giggling at times. This is a fast paced story that will keep you highly entertained.”

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Cliff Blood doesn’t like giant snakes, but a sexy Marshal with fire in his eyes is another story!

Matt Blood’s brother Cliff has arrived on Earth and is working with Bailey’s Bail Bonding. Unfortunately, Matt’s out of town on a case when the feds show up to investigate a bond depositor scam, and Blood’s boss has been implicated. Cliff is on his own finding the real culprit while trying to run interference with sexy Deputy US Marshal Falen Scott. But Marshal Scott has his own secrets — along with a fiery attraction that Cliff seems to share.

4.5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs Reviews Only! “Forked is the second book in the Blood-Hound series. The exceptionally enjoyable short story plot is packed with plenty of action, a mystery and some very interesting characters. Falen and Cliff’s shared intimacies along with their investigative skills make them an invincible team.” 

4 Stars from SensualReads.com! “If you enjoy paranormal adventure at its best, then you will enjoy Blood-Hound 2: Forked. Declan Sands takes the action to a new high with an excellent mystery to ponder and hot sexy men to

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Giant snakes, hell-hounds, intergalactic police — when can sexy shifters find time for love?

The brothers have their hands full trying to keep their boss at Bailey Bonds safe from the alien who wants to replace him on Earth. To make things worse, the same alien appears to have something to do with the infiltration of the Intergalactic Police and the deaths of many of Falen’s friends and fellow officers. As things unfold, the Blood brothers and their lovers quickly find themselves muzzle deep in lethal aliens, and it will take every skill they have to keep Bailey alive and dig out the truth of what’s going on.

4 stars and a sizzling rating from SensualReads.com:  “Lots of action and a nice touch of humor make Blood Hound 3: Roasted by Declan Sands a fun story to read.”

4 Nymphs from Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymph:  “I enjoyed the action thriller… and look forward to the next installment. “

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Intergalactic intrigue, sizzling sexual tension, and a giant snake shifter to be vanquished. Things are never dull.

Enjoying much-deserved R&R on the black sand beaches of the ruling Authority’s planet Enitrus, Cliff Blood is not happy when his brother Matt and his lover Rum show up to spoil his vacay with bad news. It seems Brand Lotus, evil snake-villain with a plan to take over Earth by force, has been discovered heading back to Earth and he’s targeting the Bloods’ favorite cops.

Problem is, the Blood boys aren’t going to make it back to Earth before Lotus gets there, so Littlejohn and Petra have to fend for themselves, while negotiating a new development in their relationship that already has them slightly off-balance.

Book Page with Excerpt

 Check out the whole Series!


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