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Monday Musings – Book Trailers

I’m thinking a lot about this subject right now because I recently started updating and creating new trailers. I’ve been in a creative frenzy and having a ton of fun. I use Nero to create my book trailers because it’s not so complex that there’s a five year learning curve but it has a lot of fun effects and offerings. The last time I designed trailers for my books was about 4 years ago. At that time I believed trailers would help sell books by making the stories visual and fun. At some point over the last several years I fell away from the notion that trailers did much good in selling a book so I stopped making them and concentrated my time in other areas.

Looking back, I think that was a mistake. The real value of a book trailer is not to immediately sell books, but to create excitement about the story behind the book. There can be a connection between the two. But there doesn’t have to be.

I love movie trailers. A movie trailer hopefully gives me a firm idea about the movie, so I can decide if I want to see it. Sometimes trailers lie, presenting a dark drama as something comedic, or portraying a dramatic piece as a romance. When that happens it’s very irritating. We don’t watch trailers purely for entertainment, though they can be very entertaining, we watch them for information, to determine tone and object of the story line, or to learn if the subject matter is something we’re interested in pursuing.  The result of watching a trailer we like is not necessarily to go immediately and watch the movie or read the book, but the trailer should leave you with a lingering taste that, hopefully, will entice you to pursue more information.

Book trailers are one piece of a writer’s marketing portfolio. They can be powerful, or they can just be meh. But one thing is inescapable, they must be true to the book. Otherwise the author is lying to her readers.

And that’s just not acceptable.

Happy viewing, Everybody!


If you’re interested, here’s the brand new trailer for my Hoale Construction Mysteries. I hope it sticks with you enough to encourage you to pursue more information about the books.  #:0)


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