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Monday Musings – Post Christmas Let Down?

Maybe a little.

The inimitable Grinch aside, those of us who enjoy the sparkle and magic of Christmas are generally a little sad when Christmas is over. There’s no denying it’s a busy time of year, filled with obligations as well as fun, but when it’s all over it’s hard not to worry that you could have done it all better. Or is that just my Type A personality speaking? Regardless, whether you end the Christmas season with regrets or satisfaction, taking the lights and decorations down is a whole lot less fun than putting them up. It also seems to take longer somehow, and the stuff I’m repacking never quite manages to occupy the same amount of space it did when I unpacked it a few weeks earlier!

So most of the decorations are once again tucked away in their dark and dusty corner of the garage and I’m feeling just a little sad right now. On the bright side, I’ve definitely reclaimed my house from a plethora of trees, wreaths, reindeer, poinsettias and Santas. Things are definitely tidier…less cluttered. But something warm and wonderful is now gone from those cluttered rooms…something that felt like promise…tasted just a little bit like magic…and I’ll look forward fondly, to its return in about ten months.

Until then, at least I don’t have to worry about getting a stocking full of coal from Santa for a while! Yee ha, here comes the naughty express!


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