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Adam Hoale Dishes Dirt!

Today I’m excited for the chance to interview Adam Hoale, the sexy hero of my fun Hoale Construction Mysteries series. So grab yourself a cup of hot coffee and some warm donuts and let’s get started!

First off, I’ve got to ask about the name thing. A. Hoale? Really?

I know, right? Do you have any idea how much I’ve been teased about that name? Even now, as a thirty-five year old man I’m still getting razzed about it by the dunderheads I work with. (shakes head). Sometimes I think having my parents saddle me with that name was the beginning of all my problems with them. As soon as I was old enough to realize what they’d done to me I started seeing them in a different light. But to be fair, my dad’s an A. Hoale too. hehehe

Some might say it was actually character building. 

Yeah. Some might. But not anybody I’d want to hang with. (arches eyebrow)

Yes, well…On we go. Describe yourself in four words.

Gay, snarky, sexy as hell…oh, sorry, that’s 5 words. Add rebel to the list. hehehe

What do you do for a living?

I run a construction company that specializes in flipping properties. What does that mean, you ask? It means we buy and rehabilitate old homes and businesses and resell them.

Boxers, briefs, or commando?

I’d like to say I go commando, because I think guys reading that would find it sexy. But I’m afraid I’m a boxer guy. My boys need a house!

Do you sometimes want to strangle your writer? Thrash her to within an inch of her life? Make her do the stupid crap she makes you do?

Absolutely! I mean, who creates a dog that has to sit in a certain position the whole time he’s riding in the car and has poop stress? That’s just sick.  And what’s with getting me clonked over the head all the time, or trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey? Damn irritating let me tell you. But that said, at least Declan gave me Dirk. He’s so sexy and he really makes my blood heat when he’s close. Yeah, we have our problems, but I’ve loved him since those first tenuous gropes beneath the bleachers in High School and I’ll probably always love him.

I understand you have a new book coming out this month. Can you tell us what that’s all about?

Sure. It’s a doozie. Oh! Hoaley Night! is a Christmas novella–the first novella in the Hoale Construction Mystery series. In this book, Adam travels to the small town where he and Dirk grew up, to spend Christmas with his parents. He’s really not looking forward to the visit, despite the fact he hasn’t seen his parents in a year. Adam and his dad haven’t always seen eye to eye. But shortly after he arrives, Adam realizes he has bigger problem…when a dead guy turns up in the manger for the living creche and all evidence points to Adam’s dad as the killer. Here’s the blurb:

Sometimes going home is clarifying. Sometimes it’s just plain deadly!

Adam travels to Candlelight, Indiana to visit his parents for Christmas. When he arrives he discovers somebody has killed a man and dumped him in the manger of the living crèche at the local church. Unfortunately, all signs lead back to Adam’s father as the murderer.  A Sheriff with a grudge and a small town more interested in gossip than reality, convince Adam that it will be up to him and the gang to clear his father’s name.

Book page — You can sign up to be reminded when the book releases!

Now back to the Character Interview blog hop!

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