Monday Musings – No! The Bees Can’t Have it!

Okay, you might think this is just black helicopter, conspiracy stuff…but I’m gonna go there anyway. #:0) Amid dire warnings that bees are an endangered species–at least a certain kind of bees, and let’s be honest no bee is a good bee unless it’s busily creating sweet gold (honey)–at my mini castle among the trees we are living through bee-mageddon. Yep, that’s right, a real live episode of Night (and Day) of the Killer Bees. They’re everywhere, hiding in holes in the ground, surging from rotting tree trunks, stinging unwary travelers of both the human and canine kind.

The nasty buggers have a serious chip on their…erm…shoulders. It used to bee…heheheh…that I believed if I left them alone they would leave me alone. I no longer bee-lieve that. #:0) After watching their determined and unwarranted (mostly) assault on my loved ones, furry and non-furry alike, I’ve come to realize I’m dealing with a hostile takeover of my woods.

Laugh all you want, unwary traveler. Today it’s my woods, tomorrow it might be your yard!  Bee-ware. Bee advised. Bee forewarned. This is war.

I’m donning my thickest clothing. Arming myself with the farthest shooting spray I can find. And going into battle, motorcycle helmet firmly in place to protect my delicate orifices. Rest assured, gentle reader, I will take one for the team. I’ll keep the insurgent forces contained. And I won’t evacuate the woods until the enemy is quashed.

Or until I run out of spray. Then I’ll run like hell for home.

At that point, you’re on your own! Sux to be you.




Hump Day Hump – FORKED


Cliff Blood doesn’t like giant snakes, but a sexy Marshal with fire in his eyes is another story!

Matt Blood’s brother Cliff has arrived on Earth and is working with Bailey’s Bail Bonding. Unfortunately, Matt’s out of town on a case when the feds show up to investigate a bond depositor scam, and Blood’s boss has been implicated. Cliff is on his own finding the real culprit while trying to run interference with sexy Deputy US Marshal Falen Scott. But Marshal Scott has his own secrets — along with a fiery attraction that Cliff seems to share.


4.5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs Reviews Only!

Forked is the second book in the Blood-Hound series. The exceptionally enjoyable short story plot is packed with plenty of action, a mystery and some very interesting characters. Falen and Cliff’s shared intimacies along with their investigative skills make them an invincible team.

4 Stars from! “If you enjoy paranormal adventure at its best, then you will enjoy Blood-Hound 2: Forked.  Declan Sands takes the action to a new high with an excellent mystery to ponder and hot sexy men to 


Cliff was surprised to hear a knock on his door as he stepped out of the shower. He swore, so tired he could barely keep his eyes open. He gave passing thought to just ignoring the insistent knocking and going to bed. Nobody should be knocking on a guy’s door at three in the morning.

But he couldn’t do it. His experience was that anyone knocking on a door at that hour really needed something.

His stomach twisted in shock when he opened the door to find Marshal Scott standing there looking yummy and unrumpled, despite the late — or early — hour. “Marshal. Unless you’re here to arrest me, this is going to have to wait until tomorrow.”

Falen stepped forward, forcing Cliff back. “Then I guess you’re under arrest.”

Cliff sighed, stepping out of the way to allow the tall, auburn-haired god to enter. Exhausted though he was, Cliff didn’t miss the delectable view as Scott passed by, either coming or going. Marshal Scott might be a consummate jerk, but the man had a first-class ass and a truly stupendous pair of pecs.

Cliff licked his lips, feeling his weariness slide away. Closing the door, he stepped into the marshal’s space in a deliberate attempt to unnerve him. “Can I get you a beer or something?”

Scott’s shoulders stiffened noticeably. There was a pulse of tense silence between them as the other man’s heated gaze slipped down Cliff’s damp chest to the towel he held around his hips. Cliff thought Scott might have made a small sound of pain as he took in Cliff’s “fresh from the shower” condition.

To Cliff’s surprise, Scott shook his head and reached for Cliff, dragging him close. “No beer. But I’ll definitely take the something.”

Falen’s lips captured his, and Cliff’s world tilted dangerously. The marshal’s soft mouth moved insistently on Cliff’s, his tongue pressing for entrance. Cliff resisted for a fraction of a second, realizing the complications a relationship between them would create, but it had been months since he’d wanted another man, and he wasn’t in the mood to be reasonable. He opened his lips and welcomed Falen’s hot tongue in to dance with his. The other man tasted of liquid courage in the form of a really good Scotch.

Cliff wrapped his arms around Falen, drawing him close as lust twisted in his belly. The long, hard ridge of flesh in Falen’s pants made his own cock stir with interest, and he realized the towel he’d wrapped around his middle was tenting quickly.

Falen groaned softly against his lips, the hunger in the sound driving right to Cliff’s nipples, peaking them against Falen’s pristine shirt. He tugged the shirt from Falen’s jeans and slipped his hands beneath it, skimming them over a firm, toned geography of delicious man territory.

Falen tugged on Cliff’s towel and, before Cliff’s lust-fogged brain had time to process what was happening, a big, warm hand was holding his dick.

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Monday Musings – Gothic is Cool

When I say Gothic, I don’t mean dying your hair black and coating yourself in black fabric. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Jerry Seinfield would say,  I’m talking about Gothic fiction. I cut my fictional teeth on Gothic romances. I ate them up…devoured them. I mean, to have blood-less horror, suspense and romance all in one story is the very definition of heaven for me. So what are the elements of a Gothic romance that appeal to me? It’s the settings more than anything: Dark, lonely castles–foggy cliff sides, high above a roiling ocean–tortured heroes with dangerous secrets–terrified heroines trying to cling to their dreams while fighting for their lives. Gothic romances throb with atmosphere.  They test the human spirit and challenge the human will.  As a reader, it’s easy to immerse yourself in Gothic fiction, because there’s just so much heft and flavor.

So what stays with me long after a Gothic romance is done? The humanity. Built on a platform of Beauty and the Beast mythology, these stories embody the idea of acceptance and love. If a terrified woman who finds herself alone in a world where the man she loves might be a monster can hold onto that love despite danger and misunderstanding…If she can look beyond the ugliness of her perception, to the man underneath…anything is possible. It’s the ultimate love story. And I eat it up like lemon cake!

Happy reading everybody!