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Monday Musings – Blockbuster Bust

A couple of times a year you can expect Hollywood to release a slew of movies they expect to be blockbusters. Summer is one of those times. With some movies they hit the mark and with others…not so much.

One of the most anticipated movies of the year was The Lone Ranger. I have one word for this movie…ugh. I was REALLY looking forward to the  movie. Johnny Depp is always entertaining and the trailer for the film made it look hysterical. But, alas, the mish-mash that survived the cutting room floor was more than bad. It was painful to watch. The story line (if you can call it that) was dark, weird, and illogical. The characters were pretty much unlikeable. The obvious political message was irritating. It’s really too bad. The movie had so much potential. But the only bright spot in the film was the horse. I really liked the horse.

The rest of the mess you can keep. Sorry Johnny, bad business decision on this one. Your career’s just been scalped.


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