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Monday Musings – Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Everybody!

This holiday has become known as the holiday where we kick off summer and have great barbecues. But it’s so much more. It’s a time to remember all those who have died in service to this country, to keep up safe and ensure our freedoms. And we have always been free in the United States, freer than in any other country in the world. To repay those who have died to keep us free and safe, let’s do our part…we don’t need to put ourselves in harm’s way like they did…all we need to do is continue the fight to retain our God given freedoms. Right now that seems almost an insurmountable task. But it’s the least we can do for those who died in our stead.

On this particular Memorial Day, I’d like to remember my father, Lt. Col. Earl M. Cheever, who served this country well as a young man of 18 in WW2, and continued to serve in the Air National Guard throughout his life. God bless you dad, and God Bless the USA!


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