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Monday Musings – Is Power Sexy?

Book 3: Hoale Construction Mysteries

Book 3: Hoale Construction Mysteries

I think the answer to this question would have to be a resounding YES! I mean, let’s face it there’s nothing sexier than a cop, a soldier or a fireman. Any job that requires strength and aggression creates an image of power and raises the sexiness potential of a man exponentially. But there’s another kind of power that’s sexy too. Extremely wealthy men are generally more interesting than men with a normal amount of money. Wealth equals power. It isn’t physical power, but it’s the type of power that can be even more useful and interesting. This type of power can get you those tickets you wanted for a sold-out concert, or that table in the best restaurant in town, where tables are rarely available. It’s the kind of power that gets things done when others can’t. A man who can pick up a phone or snap his fingers and get you anything you want is incredibly sexy.

Fiction is full of both kinds of men and each is extremely sexy in his own right. But there is one more power that you might not have considered.

Bad boy power.

Yeah, this is a kind of power. Not everybody has the strength of will to buck the system. And nothing heats the blood like the rebel…the dark-eyed bad boy with the smoldering good looks. This man’s power is his ability to conquer his world while breaking all the rules. And more importantly, given the right bad boy, you’ll find yourself wanting to break the rules with him!

Happy reading!


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