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Monday Musings – Reese Witherspoon Apologizes? Good on her!

I’m unlike a lot of Americans, I think, in that I really don’t care much for the Hollywood gang. They tend to be shallow in thought and deed, moving through life like giant, squishy blobs of feeling without rational  thought. Plus I don’t appreciate their constant preaching and inserting of their agendas into movies and television meant for entertainment. It has nothing to do with whether I share their viewpoint or not. I liken it to being approached by a Jehovah’s Witness member at my home. I understand they believe what they believe…I can respect their right to believe it…but I’m not sure what part of their DNA tells them they have the right to foist it on me. Which makes it a surprise, even to me, that today I’m going to give one of the Hollywood crowd giant Kudos.

Have a fist bump, Reese Witherspoon. You showed great maturity and class by admitting you were a drunken ass-wipe and apologizing for it. I’m giving you a virtual standing O. Nicely done. Let’s face it, we’re all asses once in a while. And admitting it is dang hard. Especially when you live in la la land, where everybody around you makes it their vocation to constantly tell you how wonderful you are…how much better than the common man you are…and it takes everything you have to stay humble and grounded.

But Reese apparently has kept a grip on her humility. She’s still got her humanity firmly within her grasp. She’s got enough class to not only admit when she was wrong, but also apologize for it.

You’ve convinced me, Reese Witherspoon. You are a notch above most of your peers. You’re truly a class act. Well done.

I’m definitely going to see your next movie. Even if it sucks.


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