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Monday Musings – Real Life? Or Escapism?


My personal philosophy as a writer (and as a reader too) is to stay away from too much real life in my entertainment. I do this because in books, as in movies, I watch or read to escape real life. For this reason I mostly hate reality programs on television and avoid obvious political bias in my entertainment.

I’m a functioning adult. A contributing member of society. I work hard, pay my taxes, try always to do the right thing…even the hard thing…and I raised my kids to do the same. That’s who I am and I’m proud of it. But I wouldn’t want to read a book about that because it would be less than fascinating. #:0)

When I pick up a book I’m looking for heart-pounding excitement, or stomach-twisting suspense in a world vastly different from my own. I’m looking for a larger than life romance, or at least a life-changing passion. I want characters to leap off the page, engage me, and drag me, willing or unwilling, through their world. When this happens life is beautiful. When this happens the story sticks with me for months and years to come…the story and its characters feel real to me. But thank god the stories aren’t real. Because real life is vivid and hard and cruel. It’s also sweet and wonderful and sometimes even exciting. But it’s too real to be entertainment.


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