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Monday Musings – Are Heroes Different in Fiction?

Book 1: City of Lights Series

Book 1: City of Lights Series

People who read romance love a strong, alpha male hero. When there are two heroes in a story it’s double the testosterone and double the fun. But does this reflect real life?

We seem to function under an emotive force today, rather than a value driven one. Emotions rule the day. If you need proof, listen to how our media and political figures speak to people when they’re trying to get them to do something. They use emotional arguments, with implied accusations of  heartlessness if you don’t do whatever they want you to do. Look at how male dominated worlds such as football are being feminized, with pink shoes and gloves and color commentators who use emotion rather than facts to push an agenda where safety is better than competitiveness. On the other end of the perspective, see how masculine men are treated in the media. They’re scoffed at and treated like Neanderthals with more brawn than brains.

It’s a crime.

Masculine strength, emotionally as well as physically, is an endangered trait. Today’s real-life “hero” sheds a tear and speaks about his feelings. He’d rather eat worms than do or say anything that might get him criticized. Yesterday’s heroes functioned far differently. They did hard things because of duty, because they functioned under a set of values that compelled them to do the right thing regardless of any backlash it might cause them. They got dirty and sweated and dressed in rugged clothing rather than tidy suits and perfectly pressed khakis.

I miss these old time heroes. I’d like to see the strong male return to real life as he lives in fiction. Given the fact that the romance genre lives or dies on the trait, I’d say I’m not alone in that sentiment.


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