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Monday Musings – It’s all About Your Point of View!

Since I started reading Manlove romance, I’ve discovered that much of it is written in first person point of view. This surprises me because, as an author who loves reading and writing first person, I’m constantly told that first person limits your audience. But I have to wonder, since women are statistically the largest buying group of Manlove romance, if there isn’t a reason first person seems to dominate in this genre.

Is it easier for a woman to put herself into the story this way?

Manlove romance is arguably one of the hottest genres right now and has been for some time. Just look at the bestseller lists at any of the etailers and you’ll see that Manlove romance dominates. Women love the genre! At first glance this may seem strange. Why would women enjoy reading about love and sex between two men? Why not between two women?

Maybe these fans love stretching the envelope a bit. Maybe it’s the tang of forbidden fruit that attracts them. Or perhaps they want some insight into how the male mind works. Whatever it is, a well-written Manlove story flies off the shelves, eagerly consumed by a rabid and adoring audience.

But women (and men) who love reading fiction mostly read because they want to escape into someone else’s skin for a while. They like a hero/heroine they can understand as well as identify and commiserate with.

So how can a woman climb into a man’s head?

There’s no question the differences between the sexes is vast. Men don’t think the same way women do. But romance is romance. Love is love. And a woman reading a romance written in first person finds it easy to slide right into the narrator’s life and feel what he feels, while still enjoying these important differences.

Maybe that’s why first person is so popular in Manlove romance. Maybe it’s just a fluke that 2 out of 3 m/m books I pick up are written in first person. Either way, I’m just glad there are so many great books representing Manlove out there and so many talented authors to keep writing them.

Happy Reading everybody!


Book 1: Blood-Hound Paranormal Series

Book 1: Blood-Hound Paranormal Series

Blurb: Bounty hunter Matthew Blood is a Bloodhound shifter, so tracking things comes naturally to him. But when one of his skips gets blasted out of a fourth floor window, Matt goes after the only other person in the vicinity, and gets fairy-smacked himself.

Rum leaves the safety of the mound to bust a fairy dust ring and rescue some captured fairies. In the process, he quickly finds himself the target of the sexy bounty hunter tracking one of the dealers. Trapped and being pursued on multiple fronts, Rum asks Blood for help.

Blood is happy to lend a hand, but he soon discovers fairy dust isn’t the only addictive thing about a fairy.

Book info and more…


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